StreetlifeMAD goes Carmen!

As we dedicated the street performances and its artists to the term of the “Monkey Business Family”, we are happy to report that two fresh monkeys have entered our circus here in Madrid. With selecting their new names we welcome them in the high society of our project.

Bgirl Sophie aka. Miss Bongo is one of the upcoming talents in Europe – after making it to the bgirl finals at the biggest Hip Hop festival IBE in Holland ( last week she strawled right away to Tirso de Molina and joined StreetlifeMAD.

Bboy Tom-Sun aka. Ape Rock is a far travelled and streetshow-experienced bboy from Dornbirn who paid his dues in bringing up bboy culture in Austria by organizing events (Original Bboy Jam) and spreading bboying as a social worker – by the way also in his master thesis!

Today and together with Grandpa Cheetah, El Monkey Pop and King Kong Rock and after four days of rehersal the two new monkeys in town will have their debut on Plaza Isabell II with our new and own version of StreetlifeMAD Carmen.

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