The final StreetlifeMAD performance is near!

Hi there!

Long long time ago we used to write new articles and publish them on our fabulous website! As you can see there`s not so much content, but that tells you immediately how bus we are at the moment!

Since weeks we are prepareing ourselves for the grande finale, so here are the dates:

20.02.2012 / Theater Halle 11, Klagenfurt (Austria)

23.02.2012 / ARGEkultur, Salzburg (Austria)

There are many people involved and working on the show. The props go out to the viennese theatre group daskunst, they will tell our story with a lot of passion and acting. From 13.02.2012 the group will be united for the first time with our spanish and croatian guests. Then we start rehearsing to the fullest!!! Majka ti stara – we keep you informed!

The StreetlifeMAD workers


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