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Valentin “Knuffelbunt” Alfery

El King Kong Rock

In the course of the first six years of his dancing career, Valentin “Knuffelbunt” Alfery was awarded an Electric Boogaloo world champion title. For his cooperation with “Nobulus” he received the sponsorship award for art and culture granted by the city of Salzburg and he also received the Spectrum Award 2007 together with “daskunst”. He danced in the music video “Lovelight” by Robbie Williams and contributed to a number of national and international dance performances and theatre productions.

On top of his performances as an actor, he staged several pieces together with the theatre ensemble “daskunst”: Dirty Dishes, Oma frisst, No Man’s Land, Experiment Mensch and Kultur mich doch am Arsch. Prior to his solo piece FALLING, which he produced in 2009, he had worked onstage for years, although never as an art director and always under somebody else’s guardianship. However,
his creative ideas decisively shaped all of the productions he was involved in at the time. Following the great success of FALLING in 2009, the piece has now been adapted to meet both his own requirements as an artist and to fulfil the requirements of international standards (www.knuffelbunt.com).

Street art generally performed in public places, mainly in the fields of dance and art, provides platforms which Knuffelbunt considers important and which – apart from his artistic development – have always persisted. Since 2006, he has had the honour to consider himself a member of the Hungarian groups “Suicidal Lifestyle” and “Elementary Force”, both of which have been collaborating as dance crews at Vienna’s Stephansplatz square since 1991.

In the course of various street art projects of his own, as well as public art campaigns by the group “daskunst”, he has always aimed at a combination of the fast-paced nature of street art and the world of theatre. This is why, together with Dusana Baltic and Fragü Moser, he founded the “Hungry Sharks” association in early 2011.

Dusana Baltic

Shana Banana

Dusana Baltic (1985) is originally born in Croatia, since 1992 living in Austria. In addition to her studies in “Media Communication” she is a self-educated photo artist, who is an ideal complement to any art project due to her creativity, her outstanding technical skills and her talent for grasping things – both with her mind and her camera lens. Along with artwork in visual communication, video and photo documentation her skills are in promotional and organisational project management.

Elvis Hodzic | El Rock

El Gorilla Rock

El Rock lives in Zagreb (Croatia) and supported StreetlifeMAD from 03.08. – 03.09.2011 with his extraordinary and swiftly skills. Here is what he has to say about his career of bboying and of course his time during StreetlifeMAD:

The beginning of the history

“All story began in 1996. That gym was huge and list of fresh students were numbered allmost 100 members, and I was one of them. First coach and upline was Atomic and in the beginning, level of knowledge wasnt on high level because in that time knowledge was a privilege but pasion and desire to dance has brought us where we are today.
At that time a great motivators and idols were Battle Squad, Air Force Crew, The Family, Enemy Squad, Suicide Lifestyle, Flying Steps, Basel City Attack, Style Elements, Rock Force Crew, Allways Rockin Tuff, Second 2 none other legends of that time.
During high school breakin became very important activity in my life so it can be said that dancing has done a significant influence on my character and personality. Learning about the history of Hip-hop and new ways of expression through movement show me how to express and represent myself on one different and new way. The scene is something like a X-ray and the movement is something in which u cannot lie so in that case u must do your stuff to the fullest otherwise don’t ever start. “

From 1997 I started to visit jams and competitions all over the country and Europe learning from the legends of that time: Storm, Swiftrock, Ivan, Thunder, Evo, Speedy, Mauricio – the Next one, Lil Cesar, Easyroc and of course all my friends with which I was shared all that moments and experience, Lord Tweex, Atomic, Flor Killah, Real one, Mr. Iko, SuperSalee and others.

2009 I started performing in theatre plays in which are still actively playing: Madam Butterfly, Interface, Leap of Faith, Cyclops, Skil, Spil, Aladin, Playlist, tasks, and so on.

About StreetlifeMAD

StreetlifeMAD was the project with an unique opportunity for collaboration with the very cool people from all sides, away from home in a totally new environment and new energy. Fusion of dance and life experience of each member in this project left for me the feeling and memory about an unique, inspiring and chaotic adventure which I will remember for a lifetime.

StreetlifeMAD, thank you.


Martin Duskanich

Marty McFly aka. The Finisher

to be announced…

Olga Swietlicka

Miss Olguita Chiquita

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Amandine Petit

Lil' Monkey Sister

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Edin Nuhanovic

Edi Coconut Torpedi

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Sophie Manuela Lindner

Miss Bongo

Hola. Me llamo Sophie Manuela. Soy de Austria, pero en mi corazón también me siento un poco de Espana!

Madrid turned me to a B-Girl.

After graduating high school with the focus on dance in Salzburg (Austria), I wanted to know more about myself. So I decided to go for one and a half years to Spain for working as an European voluntary. There I learned about the Hip Hop culture. Training with the local bboys of Madrid introduced me to the breakdancing world. In Madrid I joined the Breakdance Crew „Mamafunk“. With that crew I traveled to lots of Jams and Battles around Spain. Also we made lots of performances and streetshows.

Back in Austria I was part of the founders of the Breakdance Crew „M.O.T.“ (2010). With the M.O.T. Crew we battled in lots of Events in Austria, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland. This summer I was traveling a lot in Europe and United States. One of the hightlights was the 1st place in „The Elements Festival“ in New Yersey (U.S.) and the final place in the „Notorious I.B.E. 2011“ (Netherlands).

Now it’s an honour for me to take part in the „StreetlifeMAD Project“ and I am really happy to be here.

Thomas “TomSun” Geismayr

Ape Rock

“Hip Hop saved my life, formed my personality, improved my social/physical skills brought me to youth work and encouraged me to study social work.“

1998 was my birth as a b-boy and hip hop culture became my passion.

During this 12 years i was travelling to improve my skills and to seek knowledge. I held myself down in many battles, guided many workshops, taught many youngsters, led many projekts, judged many events in whole europe, had international shows, performed on the streets and made up my reputation within the Hip Hop community.

My aim of this artistic expression (B-Boying aka. Breakin’) is to rock with finesse, style and flava and to develop my individual style instead of dancing like a machine and execute difficult boring arrythmic acrobatics. My focus is on staying authentic and troughout music i represent my charakter and emotions – Often it’s not what you do but how you do it!

For me the streetartist lifestyle is pure freedom and I have to feel free to be funky.

StreetlifeMAD brought me together with so many extraordinary people, who all share the same passion – to entertain people! It was a very intensive and inspiring time with some important experiences. This things encourage me even more to do my thing out there as a dancer, actor etc.

On that note: „Peace, love, unity & havin’ fun!“


El Grand Papa Cheetah

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El Monkey Pop

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Susanne Rietz


Musical Theatre education in Vienna. Working as choreographer, dancer and actor. Member of Theatre Company “daskunst”.

“I really enjoyed being in Madrid. And I’m really sorry, that I could stay for just 4 days. Next time will bi longer! The City is gorgeous! StreetlifeMAD is a great project, that’s getting artists of several arts and countries together. A big creative international family! The Monkey Business Family!”



José Antonio Filgueira Guimera

Brother Bamboo